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Vonage offers phone calls over Facebook

Vonage has announced an application for mobile phones that allow for free voice calls to Facebook friends, over both 3G and WIFI.

Voice over IP company Vonage's latest application for Android and Apple devices provides the ability to call all Facebook contacts, providing they have the same application installed that is a free download from the Android Market and also iTunes store.

Besides offering free VoIP calls using a Facebook account and its software, Vonage also offers Facebook instant messaging for mobile phones - which is a feature that is only natively possible through the desktop browser version of Facebook.

The Vonage app will now compete with Voice of IP services from Fring, Truphone and Skype. The latter of which, has still yet to be ported to the Android platform.

On first use, the Vonage phone software advertises it's been installed via a Facebook status update, where it lists all the people that also have the app installed with a Vonage logo by their name. This then allows for a private message invitation to be sent to all Facebook contacts, for them to also install the software for voice calling and IM's over a phone.

The application itself is easy to use and the call quality is decent enough over both 3G and WIFI, with the added benefit of not using any minutes of the accompanying tariff. Although, the software could end up costing if there's isn't a decent data allowance when not using WIFI to make VoIP calls or the IM function.

We suspect within time they will update the mobile phone application to allow both calling landlines and mobile phones, with a chargeable fee attached as Vonage's existing services for the PC offer that very ability.

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