£109 Netgear Stora 1TB Home Media Server - 2 Bay Network Attached Storage

NETGEAR Stora is an ideal network storage solution for your home's shared media and data. Extremely easy to set up and operate, this network attached storage device lets you and your family share music, movies, photos, and more from one centralised network location.

NETGEAR Stora lets you store all your music, photos, videos, and data in one centralised location that everyone on your home network can access. Instead of each computer in your home having separate media libraries, each computer--whether it's a PC or Mac--can access, share, and stream multimedia content directly from Stora.

Stora seamlessly integrates with Facebook. This gives you the option of seamlessly and securely transferring videos, pictures and more to your account, automatically. Stora makes it simple to share your digital media with friends and family across the internet.

Simply add your pictures, music and video's to an album and decide who to share that album with, from a small group of friends to all of your family members.

You can decide to send an email invite or simply copy a unique web link and share direct from your Stora, no need to upload your personal digital media to a 3rd party corporations web site.

The Netgear Stora costs £109 at Amazon including delivery.