Amazon Opens UK Kindle Store

Amazon has opened its official UK Kindle e-book reader store.

The online retail giant has said that the store will offer over 400,000 titles for download, with prices for bestsellers from as little as £1.89.

The company is hoping that the opening of the store will help it maintain its market position in the face of increasing competition from Apple's iPad and other tablet PCs and ebook readers.

Amazon plans to target consumers that can't afford to own an iPad, and for this purpose, it has strategically lowered the prices for its Kindle ebook reader.

The new Kindle Wi-Fi only model is available for £109 while the Wi-Fi/3G model can be purchased for £149 in the UK.

Speaking to The Guardian, Greg Greeley, the head of Amazon's European retail division, said: “The opening of the UK Kindle Store allows customers to buy content in pounds sterling and offers a great shopping experience including UK customer reviews, recommendations, bestseller lists and customer service.”