Apple Game Centre Won't Support iPhone 3G

Apple has announced that its iPhone 3G will not be supported in its future mobile gaming networks, tech news site Ars Technica reported on Wednesday.

The company's Game Centre has recently been made available for iPhone application developers along side the third beta version of its iOS 4.1 update.

iPhone 3G and second generation iPod Touch owners will not be able to access the service as the Game Centre is only designed to work on iOS 4 compatible devices.

According to Steve Jobs, Apple’s Game Centre is a service that has been created following several requests from developers globally to build a personalised gaming centre for the iPhone.

Apple has said that players will be able to access the service using their Apple ID.

Game Centre is set to make use of social networking features, allowing gamers to invite friends to join them on the platform, build leader boards, compete with other players, compare achievements and find users with similar skills to test their abilities against.