Apple iPad Is "Game Changer", Says Murdoch

Apple's iPad tablet device has been labelled a "game changer" for the news media industry by Rupert Murdoch, the Guardian has reported today.

Murdoch, owner of News Corp, while addressing a press conference to report the company’s quarterly results, stated: “It's a real game changer in the presentation of news. We will have young people reading newspapers. We will have different looking types of newspapers.There will be all sorts of things we can do with them."

He told the Wall Street analysts that iPad is a gadget that can potentially encourage young people to develop good reading habits.

Murdoch has predicted that hundreds of millions of tablet computers will be sold around the world. He said that the media industry will have to keep innovating to keep up with technology.

"There will be all sorts of things we can do with them. As they develop technologically, we've got to develop our methods of presentation of news," Murdoch said.