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Apple iPhone 4 Owner Satisfaction High, Survey Shows

iPhone 4 owners are mostly satisfied with their handset, despite reception issues, a new survey reported by tech news site Techtree has revealed.

The survey, which was conducted by web research company Change Wave, states that 72 per cent of iPhone 4 owners are completely satisfied with their new Apple device, which comes video conferencing and HD video recording.

Change Wave questioned around 213 iPhone 4 owners on their experiences of the handset amid the controversies regarding the transmission and reception issues faced by the smartphone.

The new metrics shows that out of the 213 users questioned, 93 per cent are satisfied with the phone, and that for 30 per cent of the users, the iPhone 4 has exceeded their expectations.

The findings also state that around 64 per cent users do not suffer from the 'antennagate' issue, and that 14 per cent do not find the issue that important.

Only 7 per cent of the 213 owners have said that they are regularly affected by dropped calls.