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BT Fibre Broadband Ad Banned By ASA

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned an advertisement for BT fibre broadband services that promises an “instant “ internet connection, the Guardian reported on Wednesday.

According to the promotional campaign, BT allows users to stream high-definition videos, TV serials, visit websites and download items instantly.

The ASA has so far received four complaints against the advert, stating that the broadband connection provided by BT is high speed, but it still has delays. The ASA have ruled that, because of these factors, the use of the term “instantly” in the advert is misleading.

“We noted that BT had provided a list of the times they believed it would take to complete the activities stated in the ad, using their fibre optic broadband,” the ASA said.

BT has responded in supported of its advert, saying that the term refers to the extremely short time to access internet services. The company said that its broadband takes only eight seconds to upload a 9MB video, and download a 6MB song in three seconds.