Fable 3 Ditches Kinect Support

Fable 3 will not support Microsoft's motion sensing Kinect Xbox 360 gaming peripheral.

Peter Molyneux, boss of Lionhead studios and the developer behind RPG adventure titles "Dungeon Keeper" and the "Fable" series, has announced that the upcoming Xbox exclusive Fable 3 will not be compatible with Kinect, dashing Microsoft's hopes for targeting hardcore gamers with its new device.

Speaking at the Engadet Show, Molyneux said that, despite previous claims, the new game in the Fable series will not support motion-gaming as the ideas he had for the game had failed to materialise.

After the speech, Molyneux, said in an interview with gaming news site Joystiq that Fable 3 may eventually support Kinect sometime in the future.

Molyneux has been, and still remains, a staunch supporter of Microsoft Kinect and is working on the Milo and Kate artificial intelligence project.

Speaking to gaming news site Destructoid, Molyneux said: "I don't want Kinect to be some trivial throwaway thing in Fable. I want it to be a real thing."