Facebook And Twitter Cost UK Economy £14 Billion A Year

Use of social networking platforms Twitter and Facebook at work has resulted in losses of £14 billion to the British economy.

According to a survey of 1,000 British workers compiled by MyJobGroup, around half of employees said that they updated their profiles on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace every day at work.

Around one-third of employees admitted to spending more than half hour on these social networking when they are supposed to be working.

In a statement to he Telegraph, Lee Fayer, the managing director at MyJobGroup, said: “Our results clearly show that UK workers are spending increased time whilst at work on social media networks, which, left unchecked, could have negative repercussions on the productivity of many companies across the country.”

The survey revealed that two million of Britain's 34 million strong workforce waste at least one hour of their office time in adding friends, visiting profiles and sending messages on social networking platforms.

A further 14 per cent of those interviewed said that their productivity was affected by using social media platforms, but 10 per cent maintained that it had no affect on their productivity whatsoever.