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Facebook For Android App Updated

The official Facebook application for Google's Android platform has been updated, bringing a host of new features and improvements, tech news site Techtree reports.

The Facebook for Android application version 1.3 comes with an enhanced user interface and adds new icons to its main menu.

The application now comes seven options that will allow users to manage their Facebook account without having to access it via web browser. The new options include news feed, profile, friends, photos, message in-box, events and friend requests.

The events and pending friend request options are new additions, aimed at making the application more for useful for its users.

Two new icons have also been introduced, one of which allows to instantly update the status. The other is designed to aid users searching friends on the platform.

Facebook for Android comes with a notifications tab at the bottom, which slides up to show the recent notifications like a tagged photos or a comment.

The application is available for download from here.