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Facebook revamps mobile privacy settings

Facebook has simplified its privacy controls for users who access the social networking using the Apple iPhone and other mobile devices.

The changes give mobile users the same privacy settings previously available to those accessing the site via desktop browsers.

The new 'Custom' privacy options enable users to select in fine detail which aspects of their profile are made available to whom - including control over applications and features such as 'instant customisation', which enable third-party partner web sites to harvest user information in order to create customised home pages or offer content and deals based on the user's interests.

The new privacy controls can be accessed directly at

Facebook explained in a blog post last night that it was rolling out the new settings to user accounts, and advised users to "check again soon" if the settings hadn't yet taken effect on their account.

The move comes after Facebook privacy made headlines last week when hacker Ron Bowes uploaded a torrent containing details of more than 100 million of the service's users to a popular file-sharing site.