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GeForce GTS 450 chip snapped

If the recently-leaked PCB diagrams of an Nvidia GF106 card weren't enough to get your adrenaline pumping, then maybe these new photos of the chip will help out.

The snapshots recently appeared on Chinese tech site Zol (Google Translation), and show close-up shots of a GF106 chip in all its glory. Although some of the details have been blanked out, you can clearly read the GF106-250-KA-A1 model number.

However, as with the PCB diagrams, it's not known whether this is a GeForce GTS 450 chip, or another flavour of card that Nvidia's lining up at the cheaper end of the scale. According to ZOL, Nvidia is planning to use the GF106 core in its forthcoming GeForce GTS 440 and 445 cards, as well as the GeForce GTS 450 cards, which will be priced at up to $170 (£107).

The site has also taken this opportunity to get the rulers out, and reckons the chip measures 15.2 x 15.7mm, sitting in a package that we estimate to measure 34 x 34mm.

In addition to the GPU, ZOL has also taken a snap of one of the capacitors on the card. Designed specifically for components such as graphics cards, the Nichicon F11 (pictured on the card below) should be able to perform the job of several standard capacitors with just one unit.

If all the previous rumours are to be believed, then the first card to be based on the GF106 will be the GeForce GTS 450, which is reportedly lined up for released on 13 September.

We haven't heard how many stream processors the chip will feature, but it reportedly comes with a 789MHz GPU clock and up to 1GB of 3,760MHz GDDR5 memory, which is addressed via a 128-bit interface.

Via The Tech Report.