Google And Verizon In Talks To End Net Neutrality

Google and US wireless network provider Verizon are said to be on the verge of closing a deal which could prove to be the end of 'net neutrality', The Guardian reports.

The two companies are said to working on a deal which would allow telecoms to decide the order and the speed of which online content is delivered to wireless and broadband users.

Citing a source familiar with the negotiations, the Associated Press reports that a deal, which will define the rules of net neutrality, could be finalised within days.

According to the source, the deal will form the basis of new legislation and will be supported by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which has long been it talks with major internet companies and mobile and broadband service providers on deciding the future of online media content.

Previously, speaking at the Mobile world Conference, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said: "Google defines net neutrality in the following way: if you have a content category like video we want to make sure that the operator does not favour one video [provider] over another because that would then allow the operator to pick winners in the category."