Google Buys Instantiations

Google has announced the acquisition of start-up firm Instantiations.

Instantiations, which offers Java and Ajax-based development tools, is best known for its Google Web Toolkit designer tool.

Tech news site ZD Net reports that the company was acquired by Google's Google Web Toolkit team, which is expected to use its technology to integrate with its own GWT developer toolkit.

The announcement was made by Instantiations vice president for product development Eric Clayberg, who said the company is excited about the acquisition.

In an e-mailed statement, he said: "From our new Google home, we will be able to leverage our Eclipse Java industry knowledge, award-winning technology and world class development team to continue advancing the state-of-the-art in software development tools.”

Google has refrained from buying technology related to Instantiations' SmallTalk platform business, which is being floated as a separate company and will retain its name.

CEO Mike Taylor is set to head the company, which will continue to develop and expand is SmallTalk business line.