Google’s Nexus One gets a reprieve

High Tech Computer Corporation's Nexus One handset that's made for the Internet search engine giant will still be purchasable from Google, only it's now their new staple reference phone for developing and testing applications upon.

Nexus One will not be entirely scrapped by Google as previously thought, instead it will be sold only as a development mobile phone running Froyo with the purchase price of $529 (£333) through the Android development website to coders.

Previous development phones have been the HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1, as the Android Dev Phone 1, which was then replaced by the HTC Magic that was then known as Android Dev Phone 2.

News of this announcement came in the form of a posting to the Android development blog, with details of exactly how to obtain the unlocked Nexus One as a developer - which will be a welcomed addition to a coders arsenal, seeing as the Magic won't support new versions of the OS.


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