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Intel Settles Anti-Trust Suit With FTC

Intel has agreed an anti-trust case settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), managing to avoid huge monetary penalty, news agency Reuters reported on Wednesday.

The chip giant has settled its legal dispute with the FTC after the company was accused of using illegal practises and unfair means to dominate the micro-processing market for more than a decade.

"This case demonstrates that the FTC is willing to challenge anti-competitive conduct by even the most powerful companies in the fastest-moving industries. Everyone, including Intel, gets a greater degree of certainty about the rules of the road going forward," stated Jon Leibowitz, chairman of the FTC.

Despite the settlement, Intel has still denied any wrongdoing.

Intel’s general counsel Doug Melamed has stated that the settlement is merely a framework for a set of guidelines under which Intel will offer its customers world class products.

The settlement has been reached without either side needing to pay a fine, but Intel has been made to promised to offer its technology to rival chip makers for six years.