Microsoft To Launch Arc Touch Mouse

More than a month after it was spotted, there has been further confirmation that Microsoft will be selling an Arc Touch Mouse with a suggested retail price of $69.95 which is the same as the Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad.

Istartedsomething was the first one to come up with a reseller pricelist in the Cyberspace.

The company has already purchased the domain name (which is pointing to a SERP) and may or may not include multitouch capabilities at launch, let alone touch capabilities according to Neowin.

The current Arc Mouse is aimed laptop uses and folds into half when on the go. It uses 2.4GHz wireless technology and we'll sure be looking at whether the Arc Touch mouse is just an update on the former.

Additionally, it will be very interesting to see whether Apple will go ballistic on this one given that it owns a multitouch patent that could make life for Microsoft's Arc Touch Mouse a tad more difficult.