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Microsoft Releases Final IE9 Preview

Microsoft has released the Fourth Platform Preview version of its upcoming Internet Explorer 9 web browser for developers and partners.

The company has said that a public beta will be available soon.

According to PC World, Microsoft's strategy of thoroughly testing the browser before releasing it has proved to be very popular amongst developers.

The platform preview version is estimated to have been downloaded 2.5 million times and the website has received around 20 million page views.

The company explained on its IEBlog that the latest platform preview comes with an integrated JavaScript engine and patches for vulnerabilities and bugs reported on previous preview versions.

Microsoft has also provided the results of some benchmark tests performed with the latest IE9 preview version.

In a statement to tech news site Tech Radar, Ryan Gavin, head of Internet Explorer at Microsoft, said: “People over-generalise around one single test that is not reflective of what web patterns developers are building. We have to get out of micro benchmarks and individual test.”

He also said that the browser was now official faster than Apple's Safari 5 web browser according to the SunSpider benchmark test.