Mini iPad, new iPods and iPhone 5 predicted

Rumours are beginning to grow about new Apple products in the pipeline including a cut-down iPad, a refresh to the iPod line-up and an unexpected upgrade for the iPhone.

It's silly season in the tech world as late summer sees half of the population going on holiday, and new product launches drying up in the run-up to the annual festival of consumerism some of us are still willing to call Christmas.

Thousands of tech hacks all over the world are banging their heads on their multiple monitors desperately trying to find something to write to keep the wolf from the door. Speculation and rumour are rife - but at this time of the year, and for some, made up news is better than no news.

Apple is so secretive about new products - despite the odd unfortunate beer-fuelled balls-up - that even the faintest whiff of a new product from the Cupertino R&D labs is enough to send the editorial shark-pool into a feeding frenzy.

Not content with waving rumours of one possible new launch from Apple in front of the tech world's twitching nose, the folks at iLounge are wafting a whole bunch of juicy rumours based on the word of that most intriguing of individuals, the 'highly reliable source'.

Before we continue, it is worth pointing out that iLounge's sources have proved to be just that in that past. Their predictions on the iPad were probably the most accurate in the entire industry at the time. Not spot on, but nobody's perfect.

Now the Apple-friendly outlet is predicting three new launches from Apple which can all be taken with varying-sized dollops of salt.

According to the site, the entire iPod line-up could get shake-up as early as next month. A new Nano and Touch are on the cards, and a 1.7-inch touchscreen replacement for the Shuffle could also appear, no doubt further fuelled by the snaps of an Apple branded bit of kit we reported last month.

Rumours of an early iPhone 5 are a bit hard to swallow, but Apple's antenna woes could well force the company to put out a minor revision to the current hardware. More of an iPhone 4.1 if you ask us.

And finally, Apple is rumoured to be toying with releasing a cut-down iPad which might just come to fruition. The fact that the company is though to have made prototypes of a seven-point-something-inch proddable device before the current 10-incher came to light adding weight to the conjecture.

And just to add a lttle more sodium chloride to your daily intake we'll have a stab at a prediction as well, if you like.

The new iPod touch will feature at least one - and possibly two - cameras, and be capable of making Face Time calls over a Wi-Fi connection.

Feel free to add your own predictions, or wish lists, or totally unrealistic demands in the comments below.