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Survey Shows Kinect May Be Too Expensive

A poll carried out by cluster buying website Groupola amongst more than 2000 gamers showed that the Kinect may be too expensive.

Nearly two thirds of PS3 owners say that they will be buying the less expensive Move Starter kit whereas less than a quarter of Xbox 360 owners have said that they would buy the Kinect.

77 percent of those who have an Xbox 360 gaming console said that £130 was too expensive for a gaming peripheral. More than four fifths of Xbox owners say that they were not impressed by Kinect titles that have been announced.

But Microsoft's European VP of interactive entertainment business for the Xbox, Chris Lewis, has told MCV that core Xbox 360 gamers will get their fair share of hardcore titles when the peripheral is launched towards the end of the year.

He did admit that the Kinect represents a way of reaching out and connecting the Xbox 360 ecosystem to younger, older, female and more family oriented audiences, the same categories that the Nintendo Wii helped tap into.