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Yahoo VP Srinivasan Steps Down After 15 years

Yahoo vice president Srinija Srinivasan has announced that she has resigned from the company, the Wall Street Journal has reported on Wednesday.

Srinivasan joined Yahoo 15 years ago to develop its listing services of the then directory of websites. She is the fifth original employee of the company and one of the most sought-after in the entire industry.

"In embarking on the task of bringing order to so much information, we established foundational principles for the voice of Yahoo, which are as relevant today as they were when the Web was new," wrote Srinivasan in her Yodel Anecdotal blog.

Srinivasan wrote that the move is her graduation from Yahoo as an employee, to a user.

She said that she is preparing to spend some more time at SF JAZZ, a San Francisco-based non-profit organisation that produces San Francisco's annual jazz festival. Srinivasan is also a member of the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars.