£200 Aiptek 3D HD Pocket Camcorder To Launch On Firebox

The first mainstream personal 3D camcorder, the Aiptek 3D-HD, will go on sale tomorrow on Firebox.com for £200 after being unveiled at Computex in June.

The device has two lenses and a pair of image sensors which can record 3D videos at 720p by combining two standard 2D images. Alternatively, the Aiptek 3D-HD can take 5-megapixel pictures albeit without flash.

You can either view the 3D content on the back through the 2.4-inch display without 3D glasses using a technique called parallax barrier, which strangely sounds like the one used on the Nintendo 3DS.

Alternatively the 3D content can be displayed on a 3D-compatible screen via a mini HDMI port in which case you will need a compatible active shutter 3D TV.

Users can also convert the 3D video into ananaglyph format which means that you can watch the content in 3D assuming that you use the more common red-blue 3D glasses.

As expected, the 3D-HD camcorder allows you to upload content directly to Youtube via an integrated USB port (sorry no Wi-Fi). Aiptek chose to ship the gadget without any onboard storage but you buy your own (or use an existing) SD card of up to 32GB capacity.