Apple In Talks To Buy Chinese Game Developer Handseeing

Apple is reportedly in talks to acquire Chinese internet games developer Handseeing Information Technology.

Speaking to the state-run Xinhua news agency, Handseeing deputy general manager Tian Bo said that negotiations were still ongoing, and that the two sides had not yet reached agreement over the sale price.

Tian said: "The acquisition price is at the core of our current talks. No final price has been yet agreed."

He said that the negotiations were expected to conclude before September.

Apple is rumoured to be seeking to increase its game development capabilities prior to the launch of its Game Centre mobile gaming network.

Market analysts have speculated that the acquisition will cost Apple somewhere in the region of $150 million.

According to news agency Reuters, if successful, the acquisition could potentially boost Apple’s presence in both the mobile gaming and Chinese markets.

The move could also be the first step towards the official release of the iPhone 4 and iPad devices in the country as unconfirmed reports by Chinese tech news site Chinabyte suggest that the iPhone 4 may be released by China Unicom in September as Apple moves to profit from the world’s largest mobile market.