Apple Trials 'Try before You Buy' Apps

Apple has added the 'Try before you buy feature' to its App Store, giving users the opportunity to to try out a free or 'lite' version of an application before purchase.

The feature has been launched to make up for the lack of a returns policy in the App Store.

The company has also added a 'Genius' section to the iPad version of its online application store, which is designed to recommend applications to users based on their recent purchases.

The features, currently only trialled on 98 applications, are expected to be less complex than similar features set to be introduced by Microsoft for its upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, the new features will also help fight against application piracy.

A recent ruling has made legal the use of jailbreaking tools to unlock Apple devices.

Jailbroken devices are able to access and run applications that are not approved for use in Apple's App Store, including pirated apps.