Asus Rampage III Formula pictured

It looks as though there's still plenty of life left in Intel's LGA1366 socket for the moment, as we've just received some sneaky snaps of a new Asus overclockers' board for Intel's top-end Core i7 chips.

Called the Rampage III Formula, the board has a similar appearance to the Rampage III Extreme, although there are some crucial differences. For a start, the Formula only has three PCI-E graphics slots, rather than the four on the Extreme. The Formula also has a pair of single-lane PCI-E slots rather than the lone four-lane PCI-E slot on the Extreme board.

Although the Rampage III Formula is likely to undercut the Extreme, it still has plenty of tasty features. For example, we spotted an NEC uPD720200 chip next to the top-left heatpipe, which means it supports USB 3. As well as this, you'll also find some 6Gb/sec SATA ports at the bottom right of the motherboard.

Swing your eyes to the left from here and you'll also notice a shiny silver chip in the corner; a chip that's curiously missing from one of the other photos of this area of the board. This is a SupremeFX X-Fi 2 chip, giving you access to the basic features of Creative's X-Fi sound chip. As the board is a part of Asus' Republic of Gamers (RoG) family, we'd also imagine there's an audio riser card to give you the ins and outs for this chip.

As with many RoG boards, the Rampage III Formula is clearly targeted at gamers and overclockers. There's an LED system next to the CPU socket, with lights denoting whether your CPU is running 'normal', 'high' or 'crazy'.

There's also a neat line-up of digital voltage regulator modules (VRMs) surrounding the CPU socket, and a passive cooling system, whereby the VRM-coolers are linked to the chipset heatsinks via heatpipes.

To the right of the CPU socket, the board has the usual LGA1366-allocation of six DIMM slots, meaning you can have two channels of triple-channel memory. Meanwhile, networking comes courtesy of an Intel 1Gb/sec Ethernet system.

There's no word on UK pricing or availability of the Rampage III Formula yet, but the Rampage III Extreme currently goes for £210.52 inc VAT, so we'd expect this board to come in at under the £200 mark.