Channel 4 Planning 4OD For Sony PS3

Channel 4 is planning to brings its on-demand services to Sony's PlayStation 3 games console.

Tech news site Tech Radar reports that the company is currently in talks with Sony to offer its 4OD on-demand video service on the platform.

Channel 4 is also said to be planning to introduce a 4OD application to the iPad in the near future

A source within the company revealed to Broadcast Magazine that the two parties were currently in the early stages of the talks and a decision will be reached soon enough.

If the talks go through, 4OD will be the first commercial on-demand service available on the PS3. Rival Microsoft already offers Sky Player on its Xbox 360.

Speaking to Broadcast, the source at Channel 4 said that as 4OD is an evolving product, the product will be a success on the platform.

"4oD is becoming a platform agnostic product and will be successful because of the quality of the content," the source said.

4OD content is already available on Virgin Media's on demand service and Google's YouTube.