China Unicom To Offer Wi-Fi Enabled iPhone 3GS

China Unicom is set to release Apple's iPhone 3GS with enabled Wi-Fi capabilities in China on Monday.

Citing sources within the company, The Wall Street Journal reported that the company is planning to bring Wi-Fi functionality to the smartphone in order to boost sales of the device in the Chinese market.

China's mobile phone market is currently infested with 'grey' market Wi-Fi enabled iPhones, smuggled into the country illegally as, according to Chinese law, China Unicom was only allowed to sell the smartphone after removing its Wi-Fi functionality.

Chinese regulations state that only smartphones using the country's own Wired Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure (WAPI) wireless standard can be sold in China.

The Wall Street Journal also suggests that Apple is currently in negotiations with China Unicom to bring the new iPhone 4 and iPad devices into the country. Chinese tech news site Chinebyte is reporting that both the iPad and the iPhone 4 could be launched as early as September.

Apple has so far refused to comment on its plans for new releases in China.