Cisco Firewall At Risk of Denial of Service Attack

Cisco has issued a security advisory reporting multiple vulnerabilities in its Cisco Firewall Services Module (FWSM).

The company warned that the vulnerabilities could allow hackers to launch an Denial of Service attack.

According to Cisco, the vulnerabilities affect the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series switches and Cisco 7600 Series routers.

The advisory has been seconded by the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team, US-CERT, which has advised customers to apply the security patches and workarounds highlighted in the advisory.

Cisco said that the vulnerabilities can be exploited to make Cisco FWSM reload after processing crafted SunRPC units and TCP packets.

The company said the SunRPC Inspection vulnerabilities affected the devices only when the feature was enabled.This can be checked by running a command provided by Cisco on its advisory page.

The TCP Inspection vulnerability only affects devices that have been configured using multi-mode, and which have the features ASDM Administrative Access, Telnet or SSH added.