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Foxconn suicide toll rises as 13th worker dies

Despite installing safety nets on its dormitory blocks, Chinese electronics factory Foxconn is reporting another suicide, this time at its Kunshun assembly plant rather than the Shenzen complex which has been at the heart of the spate of suicides.

Reports from within China are saying that the 22-year-old factory worker named as Miss Lui was initially caught by the nets which were installed to prevent suicides but eventually died from her injuries.

Some reports are suggesting that she sustained further injuries jumping out of the net but news from mainland China is misleading to say the least and some other Asian news sources are calling cover-up on the whole affair.

Foxconn, which makes gadgets for Apple among a host of other western companies, has seldom been out of the news in recent months as the death toll among poorly-paid migrant workers rises.

It appears that pay rises and better working conditions promised by the company have done little to lower the suicide rate at the company, which employs anything up to 400,000 people at any given time.

Despite the shocking headlines and human tragedy, in terms of cold hard mathematics Foxconn workers still show a substantially lower suicide rate than the rest of China as a whole.