Google Nexus One Relaunched To Developers

Google is offering an unlocked version of its Nexus One smartphone to developers, billing it as the official Android Dev Phone.

The company said that developers registered with the Android Community can buy an unlocked version of the smartphone for $529 and use it to run and test new technology and applications.

Google said that as the smartphone still ships with the Android 2.1 OS, developers would have to download the latest Android 2.2 operating system.

According to Google, the Nexus One, despite of its commercial failure, is the most powerful Android phone available and is most suited for development and everyday usage.

The company said: “It's a good choice both for people who want to build Android applications using either the SDK or the NDK, and those who want to experiment with modified versions of the Android platform.”

When the smartphone was first launched, Google had adopted an online selling strategy that failed to attract much consumer interest. many potential customers thought that the phone was too expensive and that it was only available through T-Mobile.