Guillermo del Toro's gaming partner revealed

After alluding to a quirky gaming project with a mammoth games company last week, it now looks as though film maker Guillermo del Toro has teamed up with multi-platform gaming titan THQ

Although this hasn't been confirmed by del Toro yet, the Los Angeles Times claims to have spoken to sources "familiar with the matter" who reckon the deal between del Toro and THQ is currently in the process of being finalised.

According to the LA Times, the gaming deal is being pushed by jack-of-all-trades Danny Bilson. As well as working in the film business, writing films such as The Rocketerr, Bilson also turns his hand at writing TV series and comic books, while remaining a big player in the games industry.

Currently working as THQ's executive vice president of core games, Bilson is credited with working on a number of THQ titles. These include Relic's real-time strategy favourites Dawn of War II and Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, as well as other top games such as Metro 2033.

Bilson also spent a number of years working with EA, and is credited for working on the game of The Lord of the Rings II: The Two Towers, various Harry Potter titles and the new Command & Conquer games.

Last week, Del Toro described the games project as "technically and narratively very interesting," but added that the associated games publisher "would probably shoot me in the head" if he gave away any more information.

According to del Toro, an official announcement will be made in a few weeks, but until then THQ is looking a very likely contender, if the LA Times' sources are to be believed.