HP Debuts Mini 5103 DDR3 Netbook

HP has refreshed its netbook range by introducing a new model, the Mini 5103, which will replace the Mini 5102 and which sports DDR3 RAM rather than the DDR2 memory we're used to.

The device comes with an Intel Atom N455 or a N475 clocked at 1.66GHz or 1.86GHz respectively. 1GB RAM of the 1333MHz variety is provided by default with the option to double it to 2GB.

The 5102 uses a 160GB hard disk drive spinning at 7200RPM which can be upgraded to a 320GB model or replaced by a 80GB or a 128GB SSD instead.

The netbook's screen is a 10-inch model that displays 1024x600 pixels but HP allows you to swap it for a multitouch model that makes full use of Windows 7 and ups the resolution to 1366x768.

As expected, the 5103 comes with Intel GMA3150 onchip graphics module but there's the option to add a Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator which dramatically speeds up HD content.

The rest of the configuration is pretty mundane; there's an option for 3G, a 6-cell battery that can boost the battery life to 9.5 hours and the 5103 uses a magnesium alloy chassis which makes it lighter and more resistant than equivalent netbook at around 1200g. The base model will cost as little as 429 euros or around £399