iPod Touch 4 spotted in the wild, Part 2

Hot on the heels of recently leaked pictures of a supposed case prototype for the next generation iPod Touch new images have emerged.

The pictures which were sent to Mac Rumours by a component manufacturer, purportedly show an Apple-branded front panel LCD and digitiser for the forthcoming fourth generation iPod Touch and clearly feature an additional hole on the front surface which could well accommodate a camera.

At a recent WWDC shindig Steve Jobs hinted that there would soon be "tens of millions" of Face Time-capable devices in distribution, and unless the iPhone 4 has in incredible surge in sales in the next few months, a dual camera-equipped iPod Touch could well make up the numbers.

Rumour has it that Apple will be using email addresses rather than phone numbers to make Face Time video calls over wi-fi if the dual camera iPod ever comes to fruition.

The iPhone 4 is currently capable of making video calls over the 3G network, but that involves Jailbreaking the Holey Handset.