Is There A Struggle Between Rival 3D Formats?

No need to worry. Whatever type of 3D content you want to view, with a Panasonic Full HD 3D TV, you can.

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The format used by 3D Blu-ray discs has been agreed by all major electronics companies in conjunction with Hollywood studios. So you can play any 3D Blu-ray disc on a 3D Blu-ray player - and all of them will work with your 3D TV.

Panasonic makes everything from the movie cameras used to shoot 3D films, through the post-production equipment used to master them, to the Blu-ray disc pressing machines, players and televisions used to view them. So with 'end-to-end' solutions covering the whole 3D production process, compatibility is guaranteed.

3D TV broadcasts are a little more complicated – but again, Panasonic has everything covered. Two different systems can be used in TV broadcasts to redraw the left-eye and right-eye 'halves' of the 3D frame. One of these redraws the successive images from top to bottom, the other draws them side by side. Panasonic's 3D TV system handles both.

Panasonic 3D TVs also handle all current 3D gaming formats.