Microsoft gives away free Money

Microsoft is giving up on Money. All support and online services for the financial software package will be withdrawn as of the end of January.

But, for those willing to forego such dubious 'features' it appears that Microsoft is making its Money Plus Sunset versions available for free.

Site getrichslowly had a sniff around on the Microsoft site and dug up the fact that copies of the software will come with no activation requirement, meaning it can be installed or reinstalled as needed, without having to tell the Microsoft police all about it.

Microsoft stopped selling Money back in June 2009, and now the axe it to fall on support. Microsoft says community support may be still available and some web-based functions of the software will be got around manually. Legacy versions of Money will be supported in the free versions in a highly unusual step for the monopolist

You can get all the deatils on this Microsoft page.