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News@10: Amazon Opens UK Kindle Store, Microsoft Patch Tuesday & Google

Amazon has opened its official UK Kindle e-book reader store. The online retail giant has said that the store will offer over 400,000 titles for download, with prices for bestsellers from as little as £1.89. The company is hoping that the opening of the store will help it maintain its market position in the face of increasing competition from Apple's iPad and other tablet PCs and ebook readers.

A poll carried out by cluster buying website Groupola amongst more than 2000 gamers showed that the Kinect may be too expensive. Nearly two thirds of PS3 owners say that they will be buying the less expensive Move Starter kit whereas less than a quarter of Xbox 360 owners have said that they would buy the Kinect.

Microsoft has announced that it is planning a massive Patch Tuesday release scheduled for next week. The release willl comprise of 14 security bulletins covering 34 vulnerabilities in Microsoft software such as Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, SQL and Silverlight.

Google is offering an unlocked version of its Nexus One smartphone to developers, billing it as the official Android Dev Phone. The company said that developers registered with the Android Community can buy an unlocked version of the smartphone for $529 and use it to run and test new technology and applications.

Google has been ordered to defend against an age-bias lawsuit by the Supreme Court of California. The lawsuit was bought forward by ex-Google employee Brian Reid in 2004, who had claimed that senior company executives had forced him to quit his job due to his age. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.