Nvidia GF108 chip revealed

Nvidia's low-end Fermi bucket is springing leaks all over the place now. Just a day after we first glimpsed a GF106 die in the wilderness, a photo of Nvidia's GF108 has now turned up on the scene.

The picture has been doing the rounds on a few forums, including Xtreme Systems, although there's no more information other than the picture. That's enough for an inquisitive mind to gleam some information, though.

For a start, the chip is surrounded by four Hynix RAM chips. The H5TQ2G63BFR model number on the memory denotes that the chips are vanilla DDR3 parts, while the 12C extension tells us it's running at 800MHz. Interestingly, the "2G" in the middle also means these chips hold 2Gb (256MB). With four chips surrounding the GPU, this low-end card has a comparatively large 1GB frame buffer for a low-end card.

Of course, this is nothing new. After all, you can get 1GB GeForce GT220 cards as well. However, the 800MHz DDR3 memory is going to limit the performance compared with cards equipped with GDDR5 memory.

After performing some rough measurements based on known dimensions of other parts of the card, we reckon the GF108 die has an area of 132mm2. This makes it a fair bit smaller than the estimated 239mm2 area of the GF106. According to the number on the bottom of the chip, this particular GPU is also using A1 silicon.

The GPU and RAM chips are also contained in a small, single neat block, meaning the card's cooler shouldn't be too large.

No official details are known about GF108 yet, but previous rumours say it's scheduled for release in September this year, probably after the release of Nvidia's GF106-based cards, such as the GeForce GTS 450.