Royal Society To Investigate Declining ICT Class Take-UP

The UK's Royal Society is launching a study to investigate the declining number of students taking up information technology courses in school.

According to the Royal Society, the UK's premier institution for scientific research, since 2006, the number of students doing ICT for their GCSEs had declined by 33 per cent, despite the fact that Britain's youth has shown a lot enthusiasm towards new technology.

The organisation believes that computer and IT education for the youth is vital for producing an efficient workforce which will shape UK's economy in the future.

Researchers are looking to determine the exact reason why the UK's youth is not applying for these courses.

The study, which will be completed sometime next year, will analyse the course structure, current exams and assessment processes, the training teachers receive and the equipment available with school to conduct IT courses.

Speaking to the BBC, Professor Matthew Harrison of the Royal Academy of Engineering, said: “Young people have huge appetites for the computing devices they use outside of school. Yet ICT and computer science in school seem to turn these young people off.”