WikiLeaks posts huge 'insurance' file

As pressure mounts on whistle-blowing web site WikiLeaks, a huge encrypted file named 'Insurance' has appeared on its pages.

The 1.4GB file is lurking there ready to burst open should something unsavoury happen to leaker-in-chief Julian Assange and his pals, we surmise.

The organisation is known to have more US military secrets to reveal to us, following its exposure of 77,000 documents about Afghanistan that were posted in public last month.

Bonkers commentators in the US have been calling for Assange's head on a platter, claiming WikiLeaks' leaks endanger combat soldiers and Afghan informants' lives.

Such criticism seems to have prompted the whistle-blowing outfit to secure US Government help in filleting the files of such information, while enabling the rest of us to find out exactly how many people have died in our name.

WikiLeaks held back some 15,000 intelligence reports from exposure last month. It is also believed to have copies of around 260,000 classified diplomatic cables, over which Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning finds himself currently gaoled.

WikiLeaks itself refuses to discuss security procedures.

Manning reckons the secret cables expose "almost criminal political back dealings" and said he thought Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would "have a heart attack" if the files were made public.

Government secrecy is, of course, the enemy of democracy.