Zynga Buys Top Japanese Social Game Developer Unoh

Facebook game developer Zynga has announced it has acquired Japanese social game developer Unoh.

The acquisition marks Zynga's first entry into the Japanese online gaming market, as the company begins to expand its global presence.

Unoh is expected to provide Zynga with a base from which to launch mobile games into the Japanese market as a part of its deal with SoftBank, which has also offered the company 150 million in funding.

Unoh is one of the top mobile and social game developers in Japan, with titles including Machitsuku!, Band Yarouyo! and Kaizoku Chronicle to its name.

TechCrunch reports that Zynga has paid around $30 million for the acquisition.

Zynga, which has around 230 million active users, depends on social networking giant Facebook for its revenue.

In order become large enough to go public, Zynga will have to diversify and expand, tapping into the growing popularity of mobile and social brought about by an increase in the use of smartphones and social networking.