Amazon Kindle E-reader Gets Free Games

Kindle Developers have released the first pair of applications for the popular Amazon ebook reader using the Kindle development kit, both of which are unsurprisingly based on letters and numbers.

The Shuffled Row and Every Word are easy to grasp and easy to play games, both of them for free according to ZDNet.

Unfortunately, international owners of the Kindle have reported that they are not able to download the apps.

The Kindle Development Kit was released of 2010 with a view of fostering the production of applications - à la iPhone - for the Kindle which, under the hood, looks more like a tablet or a smartphone.

As expected, both games as in monochrome but they do include interesting features like note-taking, highlighting and the ability to send clips and quotations to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

For the time being, the games are exclusive to the Kindle and it would be interested to see whether developers for other platforms (like Android, Windows or iOS) choose to port popular word-based games to Amazon's e-reader platform.