Amazon Kindle Free Games Already Frustrating Users?

We reported earlier that Amazon released two free games for its Kindle ebook reader yet there's growing discontent about two significant disadvantages that the platform has compared to the Apple iOS environment.

Mike James, writing for i-Programmer, reports that the two games, shuffledrow and everyword, don't work on the original version of the Kindle and are not available to users outside the US.

However, Amazon may have consider that allowing millions to download the games might have cost them too much in the first place.

But then, the obvious question is why Amazon did not provide with a link which would Kindle owners to download the games on their computers before transferring them to their devices.

As an electronic book reader, the Kindle is very much a safe bet, but Amazon appears to be very cautious as to expanding the capabilities of the platform to square up more effectively with the iPad.

The Kindle Development Kit was launched at the beginning of the year and sees the developer keeping 70 per cent of the user revenue after delivery fees of $0.15 per MB which means that Kindle developers (and Amazon) must price the application to cover the costs of the download.