Apple Covent Garden Store : Already A Success Story

Apple's newest store opened earlier today in Covent Garden with reportedly hundreds of Apple aficionados standing in queues to be amongst the first to enter the store, some for longer than a day.

The store, which takes over Regent Street as the biggest Apple store in the world, is set to be one of the busiest and most lucrative ones amongst the 300 that the company has globally (ed : why not explore pictures of the Apple's Covent Garden Store here).

Fortune's Philip Elmer-Dewitt explained earlier today why Apple stores are extending the company's reach beyond the shores of Cupertino, fuelled by the release of new products like the iPad and Apple's quasi-legendary service.

Elmer-Dewitt quotes Needham's Charlie Wolf as saying that Apple provides Mac owners with professional post-sale support for free, something that doesn't currently exist in the Windows world (or elsewhere). Instead as one user noted, Windows users have to rely on long waits over the phone and outsources call centres.

Central to Apple's plan to serve its customers better, is the Genius bar, which can be found in all Apple store including the one in Covent Garden. Indeed you can already make a reservation at the Genius Bar online at your convenience but places are running out fast.

Ultimately, Apple stores serve to entice more users to switch from rival platforms; it presents a unique opportunity to allow anyone to try Apple products in a non aggressive environment.