Illumos To Reopen Oracle's Open Solaris

A group of former Sun employees and Open Solaris developers have shed light on a new project, code-named Illumos.

Illumos is an offshoot of the Open Solaris project, and involves building a development community around OS/Net, the foundation of the Open Solaris project.

Since Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems, the development of the Open Solaris project has been halted.

The board of Open Solaris has given Oracle until 16 August to appoint a liaison to work with board members to continue the development on the platform.

Garrett D'Amore, the former Sun and Oracle software engineer who started the Illumos project, said: “We are not a distribution in a normal sense. It is more of a code base.”

The project will revolve around developers contributing to the Open Solaris platform until Oracle decides to step in.

D'Amore has said that work produced by Illumos will not be distributed as an alternative to Open Solaris.