£25 BlackBerry Bold 9700 300m Ultd texts & Web

The BlackBerry Bold 9700, the fastest, sleekest edition to the Blackberry family. A lot of work has been done since the original Bold, and it has definitely paid off.

It has lost 25percent of its body weight, gone is the thick metal surround, replaced by sleek chrome features and glossy black plastic and in true BlackBerry fashion; the sophistication factor is sorted with the faux leather battery cover.

The improvements don't stop there, underneath the slick casing; the Blackberry Bold 9700 comes into its own. There's a 3.2megapixel snapper complete with the usual functions to boost image quality, autofocus, image stabilisation and LED Flash.

There's also 3G and Wi-Fi access as well as a super quick CPU, making the 9700 possibly the best BlackBerry to date.

Battery life has been extended as well, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 brags an extra 3 days on its predecessor, providing 38hours of solid music playback. If you're less a musician, more a communicator, there are all the usual Blackberry communication tools onboard as well as a document editor, giving you plenty of time to get your work done.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is definitely a step in the right direction; whether you want a business phone or a communication tool it's got all the right functions to get you through the day.

Buy this Blackberry Bold 9700 from Dialaphone for as little as £25 per month on Orange with 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB mobile internet on a two year contract.