No Beatles Music On iTunes Says Yoko Ono

Apple's iTunes music store will not stock music by the Beatles any time soon, Yoko Ono has said.

In an interview with news agency Reuters, Ono said that an agreement between all concerned parties is not in sight as everyone wanted different things.

Three years ago Apple had settled a trademark dispute with Apple Corps, the Beatles' holding company, but, since then, Apple, Apple Corps and licence holders EMI have yet to reach an agreement.

In a statement, Ono said: “We are holding out. here's just an element that we're not very happy about, as people.”

"Don't hold your breath ... for anything!"

According to metrics released in 2009, around 100 million Beatles songs were being downloaded by illegal file sharers per year.

Apple has been saying for years that it is willing to add the Beatles song catalogue to its store and Steve Jobs has listed The Beatles as one of his favorite bands.