WikiLeaks - we'll carry on posting

One of the operators of whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks said its work will go on, despite pressure from the U.S military sources worried what can of worms the site will open up next

"I can assure you that we will keep publishing documents - that's what we do," a WikiLeaks spokesman, who goes by the name of Daniel Schmitt told The Associated Press in an interview.

Schmitt claimed that WikiLeaks recent publication of classified documents about the Afghanistan war was adding to the general public's understanding of the conflict.

"Knowledge about ongoing issues like the war in Afghanistan is the only way to help create something like safety," Schmitt said. "Hopefully with this understanding, public scrutiny will then influence governments to develop better politics."

He repeated the claim that WikiLeaks offered U.S authorities the chance to vet the documents it has in its possession, in an effort to ensure that names and details of individuals who may be put at risk by the exposure of their roles in the conflict are withheld.

"We conveyed a request to the White House prior to the publication, asking that the International Security Assistance Force provide us with reviewers," Schmitt said. "That request remains open. However, the Pentagon has stated that it is not interested in 'harm minimisation' and has not contacted us, directly, or indirectly to discuss this offer."

The US Defense Department maintains it has had no contact with WikiLeaks. Indeed, a White House spokesman Tommy Vietor said WikiLeaks' claim was "absolutely, unequivocally not true".

The Pentagon has since leaned on the web site asking it not to release some 15,000 secret documents WikiLeaks is thought to possess along with thousands of sensitive cables.

But Schmitt said the site repsonsibilities are not primarity to the US and its imperial interests. "WikiLeaks is a globally acting organisation," Schmitt said. "In that respect we are responsible toward the people of the world and not the people or the specific interests of one particular nation."

Last week a big file named "insurance" was posted on the site, in anticipation of heat to come.