Activision Battling Pre-Owned Games With With DLC

Activision has announced that it is to join the ranks of publishers taking a stand against the pre-owned games market by providing additional DLC content for its popular titles.

The company hopes that the measures will limit the resale of the games.

In a conference call with investors, the company's COO Thomas Tippl said that the company was deciding upon a number of strategies to enhance the company's role in the pre-owned games market.

Thomas said: “We are still evaluating various possibilities for greater participation in the used-games business. What's been working the best so far is providing additional content and therefore limiting the supply to used games.”

The company has joined game publishers Electronic Arts (EA), Ubisoft and THQ, who have all adopted strategies for restricting the sale of pre-owned games.

EA has introduced the concept of an "online pass" for its sports titles, allowing users to access exclusive online gaming content using a special code.

The code can be downloaded for free when users purchase a new EA sports title, but people who purchase the game second hand will have to pay extra money to get the code.

Ubisoft is also said to be adopting a similar policy in the near future.