Apple To Improve Overheating iPod Nano Warnings In Japan

Apple has promised to improve warnings related to the overheating of iPod Nanos on its official Japanese website.

According to a statement released by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the company has presented a detailed report on how it plans to deal with the overheating issues of its first generation iPod Nano units in Japan.

The plans include improved warnings and safety guidelines on its websites and product recall in some cases.

Apple has decided to act after the government body reported around 27 overheating issues, caused after recharging the device. The incidents included six iPod Nano devices catching fire and causing minor burns to four unsuspecting users.

The ministry said that Apple has promised to “improve the homepage in a way to make it easy for users to understand with regard to warnings and measures to prevent recurrences of incidents.”

According to news agency the AFP, the company has also spoken to the Japanese government about 34 new overheating cases, promising to take action to resolve the issues as soon as possible.