Apple Overtakes Rivals As Student Laptop Of Choice

Apple has become the preferred laptop manufacturer of choice for students around the world, replacing rivals Dell, Toshiba, Sony and HP.

The research, conducted by New Jersey-based research company Student Monitor, has shown that 95 per cent of college students own a personal computer, out of which 83 per cent own a laptop, 24 per cent a desktop. The statistics found that 15 per cent owned both a laptop and a desktop.

According to CNN, among the 83 per cent of laptop owners, 27 per cent of the students own a Mac.

Of the desktop owners, 45 per cent owned a Dell or HP computer and 14 per cent owned an iMac.

Analyst Trip Chowdhry has said: “Our research is indicating that Microsoft is unable to connect with the new generation of users. This could cause problems down the road when these students enter the work force and once again pick Macs over Windows.”